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Estate Agent Fees

Posted by Lewis Murphy on October 11, 2021


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When you come to sell your home financial calculations are really important as well as working out what your sale price and purchase price are likely to be along with any mortgage amounts its really important to quantify and factor in moving fees and costs. Its no secret that moving home comes with multiple fees and cost that can add up to a significant amount. According to Barlcays the average cost of moving home in the UK as as 2020 is over £8500.





At The Estate Agency Company we pride ourselves in always providing great value for money for home sellers and whilst the cost in moving home will be less that this when you instruct us we most focus and pride ourselves on providing really great value for money in our estate agency service as well as very transparent approach to estate agency fees. We have a range of options on fees and will explain them all clearly and plainly to you and let you pick the option that suits your needs best.


Discover the true value of your property and avoid settling for less. Don’t pay inflated and unnecessary agency fees, pay a fixed fee and ensure you receive the service you need



Our fees are never subject to any “hidden extras” VAT is always included so that you know what you will actually pay and we don’t add Bolt on costs. We never charge cancelation or termination fees so if your home sale doesn’t work out for what ever reason you wont face exit costs.

As a rough guide estate agency fees start at £1000 and range up to around £3000 depending on what work you ask us to do for you. You can build your own quote with our transparent fee calculator. Every home and situation is different and so if you want to get in touch we will be delighted to work out what you need and prepare a detailed fee quote free of charge or obligation .




Photography, Videos, 360 Virtual reality are more important now than ever before and what we will promise is to provide the very best quality of content to show of your home to its maximum potential. Better quality presentation generates higher numbers of buyer enquires which helps us increase your final sales price.

Sell Your Property

As estate agents with experience of the local market we always ensure a smooth transition from one property to the next

Free Valuation

If you would like to know how much your home is worth let our estate agents help you get the information you need

Search Properties

Browse our listings of properties in Glasgow. Choose from houses or flats for sale in the suburb of your choice.


You should also factor in home report and survey costs. Most properties in Scotland sell with a home report which needs to be completed before we can start advertising and marketing activity.

This gives you a surveyors’ insight into your properties condition and from here we work out if any repairs or maintenance works are best completed by your prior to hand over or by the new owner after they have moved in.




Surveys vary depending on your location, property type and value but as a general rule of thumb you can expect to pay between £300 and £600 for your report. We can arrange to have this to be carried out for you or you can make your own arrangements if you have contacts in place or a preferred surveyor that you want to use.

If we arrange it for you we reassure you that we shop around surveying firms regularly to ensure good value and also to make sure we are working with surveyors who are fair and honest, and will provide the best survey report for you and for your buyer possible.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Before you get a mortgage use our calculator to get an idea of how much you could borrow and how much your payments may be.

Home Valuation

Free Home Valuation

If you would like to know how much your home is valued at then get in touch and let our expert staff help you get the information you need.

Home Reports

Book A Home Report

These reports provide the essential facts about the quality of a home to ensure buyers and sellers are fully informed before negotiations.


For almost all property sale and purchase transaction a solicitor will be required to undertake the title transfer, local authority searches and money transfers. From our experice of handling now thousands of property sale a good solicitor will make a huge difference on how straightforward you transaction is.

In this area you have many options. There are a variety of low cost online legal firms which do now handle a significant number of cases – our experience of these firms are that clients find the customer experience OK until anything unusual crops up (as they frequently do) and then things become very frustrating and expert legal guidance is usually not forthcoming.




There are a variety of prestigious and long established firms that will run to many thousands of pounds in fees for a standard house move this is great but not really necessary for most every day scenarios.

We recommend a mid range firm that we know and trust to look after our clients and provide a diligent and comprehensive service at reasonable costs. Like most things costs will vary depending upon your situation – how many owners the property has, what title changes have been made, what mortgage and or securities you have against your property but as a general rule of thumb legal fees plus VAT and outlays will equate from one our trusted and chosen providers will be around £1000 per transaction.




Stamp duty has been replaced in Scotland by LBTT commonly known as LBTT – the Scottish government overhauled this system to make it fairer and weight the burden to tax onto higher value homes – the good news is that the cheapest properties pay no tax at all but the larger homes can come with significant bills.

This tax is commonly altered, frozen, and subject to change so the best thing to do is to use the handy calculator from HMRC which you can find here.


For detailed costs and a variety of options on estate agency fees please feel free to get in touch at any time.

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