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Tips For Selling Your Home

Posted by Lewis Murphy on February 11, 2021


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Increasing the sale price of your home when you come to sell can be an arduous task. When it comes to selling your property no matter what kind of home you have – where it is, or what condition its in there is always something we can do to help maximise the sale price for you. 




So this is an obvious one but its surprising how many people do not maximise on it. Even if the property you want to sell is in need of full refurbishment you can still make it clean and clear. Remove any rubbish, clutter or unnecessary furniture, get the heating on the blinds open and all your lights on and invest in a couple of non intrusive air fresheners to position beside the front door or entrance.

Lots of studies have shown a clean and fresh smelling environment has a better first impression. If you really want to push this point check out this article from Ideal Home for their take on which smells work best.


Discover the true value of your property and avoid settling for less. Don’t pay inflated and unnecessary agency fees, pay a fixed fee and ensure you receive the service you need



Selling your property for the top price is a numbers game – supply and demand drives the over all price your property sells for.

Our job is to bring you as many potential buyers as possible – we start with the best property photographers around. We only use professionals form a very small and select base and insist on the best clarity, shapes, and light balances. We always have bright blue skies around the back drop of our listings (sometimes these are artificially added).

From there we start with the most extensive advertising possible with all portals covered. Your listing will appear on as well as This covers all active buyers – we also use paid social media campaigns or “sponsored ads” to show your property to local people who might be interested in buying a home – this is the modern equivalent of a brochure and works very well.

Check out some our principal photographers work here.

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Organization is key – we consider two things here, easy of process and also buyer competition.

If we ask viewers when they want to come we will end up with some people on a Tuesday, one at lunchtime and one in an evening every second day. Maintaining that clear clutter all of the time will be extremely challenging on most home owners, it’s stressful and no matter how hard we try there may always be some no show appointments, cancelations, or people who just aren’t seriously in the market to buy.

To avoid this we usually offers viewings on two occasions per week at convenient times for buyers. Typically we will ask our clients to allow viewings Saturday between 11 and 1 as well as one evening in the week from 5.00 until 7.00. This minimises intrusion to you, and if that dreaded “time waster” does slip through our net and makes it through or doesn’t show up its no real hassle as the stage is set anyway and no one has taken any special time out anyway.

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The second benefit of this type of organisation is that to drives buyer competition hard. typically we would expect a popular home to have around 15- 20 viewings, some of these will discount your property and some wont be offering – but the one two or three people that REALLY want your home don’t know that and no more can we show that there is a lot of interest than by having one viewer leaving as they arrive and another on the way when they are finishing up.

Lastly in dealing with and negotiating offers and aiming at a closing date for offers all viewings we are best placed to do this when they are all close together our target is to “set a closing date” where we ask multiple interested parties to submit their best and final offer all at the same time which will allow you to consider and pick the best one which is most likely to be the highest price.


If you would like to go over more ways in which we can help drive up the sale price of your property and a more specific action plan for your own person sale please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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